Sally Jackson
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About Sally Jackson – Nutrition Coach & Emotional Resilience Trainer

Sally is a Registered Nurse, has 2 fabulous grown up children Emma & Jamie. A successful entrepreneur and mentor Sally decided (after completing a doctorate!) to be courageous and gave up her Lecturing role at the School of Medicine, Cambridge to move to Devon to be near her Mum.

Today she is building a successful global business with passion, authenticity and commitment alongside her role as an Emotional Resilience Trainer, Nutrition Coach  and spending cherished time with her Mum.  

She is also passionate about giving back and until recently volunteered as a trustee for Home Start.

People who know Sally cannot believe how much she has changed. By building her physical and emotional resilience she has become a glass half full person who lives life to the full.

Transforming not just her own life, but helping numerous others to do the same.

Sally believes we all have choices to make related to our physical and emotional health, creating balance, time and financial independence, to live the life we dream of and this is what she’s helped others to do.

She’s passionate about helping people flourish by empowering them with the tools for resilience, positivity, confidence, self belief, success and fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.

Practicing what she preaches Sally loves to eat simply, a rainbow diet with seasonal food, to walk her dog in the Devon countryside everyday and to take time daily to count her blessings.

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